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C# tool chain?

I've spend a very frustrating several days trying to figure out how I can develop C# gui software for use on the RPI using my Windows desktop.I've got my Pi set up with mono and wiringpi and packages to let me access gpio etc but I can't even refer to the libraries when coding on the desktop machine - just generic winforms and .net platform independent stuff or it gets all huffy.
I attempted to use Monodevelop on windows, followed all the instructions to a T but it won't build completely because of something called po. Googled half a day and not one mention of what the problem is.So then I figured I'm just use vnc and MD on the Raspberry 3, its fast enough - maybe not blazing but more than tolerable for coding time though builds are when I drive the 25k to town for a Mocha Cappuccino. It was going pretty well until it came time to investigate GUI building - THey're using that XAML crap! I want to put controls where I want them in a form, not wherever that opaque XAML decides they should go. Hell, I set a window size to 200,200 and it went to something like 2x8 AT 200,200 on the screen.So it's back to the Desktop for winforms but then of course I can't use any Pi hardware.How do you make the bridge between the two?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Collaboration Software Example

Thank you.

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