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transfer to 2nd computer problems

I am running the trial version of PT3. i play mostly on a vista computer (laptop). i would like to transfer all the info to a second computer (desktop) that i use for mostly work. i could not get the computer to network, laptop could see and access desktop, but laptop could only see laptop, not access it. so i zipped the processed file in laptop (vista), and e-mailed it to myself. i opened the file on desktop and got PT3 on the desktop. but it did not import all the sessions. i had 15 on the laptop and only 13 on the desktop. I looked at the list of PokerStars ring sessions by table name on the laptop, and figured out which ones were missing. but when i open the processed file on the laptop, they are not there. but they do show up when PT is open. I also tried to zip, e-mail, unzip, and import the "log" file, but that did not change anything. So how do i get all the sessions from one computer to the other?

Any help will be apprecited.

I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

Startup video studio

Thank you.

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